I'm only about a little more than two months away from going back home and only about three months away from starting school again. Naturally, I'm anxious. I'm anxious about how tough law school is going to be (very tough) and about financial aid (I'll get through OK) and just all that in general. Going back to school after a two-year break. I'm anticipating getting back into the learning environment. I have missed it. It's going to kick my bottom, hard, and really show me what I have been missing.
Some random babble )

OH and before I go...The Office season finale made me cry. I loved it.

Honestly, I'm just leaping from one show to the next. Started watching Flight of the Conchords a couple days back and I am absolutely loving it. I think I have a big crush on Bret McKenzie now. Him and Jemaine Clement and Rhys Darby are hysterical. And I have to say, I like Aziz Ansari, but why do I feel like he's trying too hard in everything I've seen him in? Hmm oh well.

Anyway. Time to kip off to bed soon. Short and sweet entry today :)



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