Going 'back to normal' is so hard after a holiday. My flight got in quite late last night (which I had anticipated but somehow conveniently forgot until the day of) and by the time I got home, got ready for bed and finally kipped, it was quite late.

Ugh and I forgot I had a meeting today. That is, I remembered, but not quite at the time it was supposed to happen. Nevertheless, it went off OK. I think it was quite obvious that I am SO out of it. Bleh.

I think I might just go home and take a nap. Figure something out for dinner later. I'm just too tired to go home and cook and whatnot. But sleep = more lethargy. Oh decisions decisions.

All right, I've got loads to do and I'm just whining now. I need chocolate.
I'm only about a little more than two months away from going back home and only about three months away from starting school again. Naturally, I'm anxious. I'm anxious about how tough law school is going to be (very tough) and about financial aid (I'll get through OK) and just all that in general. Going back to school after a two-year break. I'm anticipating getting back into the learning environment. I have missed it. It's going to kick my bottom, hard, and really show me what I have been missing.
Some random babble )

OH and before I go...The Office season finale made me cry. I loved it.

I want to put more of my fiction here, but for now, I will write a non-fic post about my minor triumph today. I finally tied a sari by myself and properly too!

I mean, I have done it before but in the past year and a half, I have been crap at tying it myself sans help. So when I was home two weeks back, I made my mother show me how to do it properly and it actually stuck in my head. *fistpump*

There's a temple performance coming up this weekend and I am SO not ready. I have neglected practising the last two months and uhh now I'm paying the price for it. Especially since it's a song I haven't technically been taught. Here's hoping I don't make a fool of myself this weekend!

OK, maybe I'll write something ficly in my next post. Right after I finish creating some icons!


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