Only two more days till main draw play starts at Roland Garros. Speaking of, here's the men's singles draw for this year's French Open. I'm not necessarily worried for Rafa as much as I am disappointed that so many of my favourites are in his half. WHY?!?

Nole in Federer's draw. Hmm I would love to see him hand Fed a loss at Roland Garros...will be someone OTHER than Rafa this time. To me, the winner has to be either Rafa or Nole. That would be my perfect final and either of the two winning would be OK with me.

But we shall see how it goes.

On the women's side, I would like to see Dinara Safina get the title this year. It would be nice if she really racked up a great win to boost her No. 1 status.

And with that, I shall also be doing the suicide pool and the draw challenge. It's going to be a very stressful coming two weeks.



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