I want to put more of my fiction here, but for now, I will write a non-fic post about my minor triumph today. I finally tied a sari by myself and properly too!

I mean, I have done it before but in the past year and a half, I have been crap at tying it myself sans help. So when I was home two weeks back, I made my mother show me how to do it properly and it actually stuck in my head. *fistpump*

There's a temple performance coming up this weekend and I am SO not ready. I have neglected practising the last two months and uhh now I'm paying the price for it. Especially since it's a song I haven't technically been taught. Here's hoping I don't make a fool of myself this weekend!

OK, maybe I'll write something ficly in my next post. Right after I finish creating some icons!
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( May. 13th, 2009 10:04 pm)
A little bit of background: I have a habit of just coming up with ideas and never writing them down. But on occasion, I do remember to type them up or scribble them down, and the following is such a venture. It has not gone anywhere for a few months now, but I keep going back to it, hoping for inspiration. Here's a little taste of the randomness that comes out of my head:

"The Drive" by plumeriandeity, Chapter who knows/who knows:


Read on for the tale )


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