I'm only about a little more than two months away from going back home and only about three months away from starting school again. Naturally, I'm anxious. I'm anxious about how tough law school is going to be (very tough) and about financial aid (I'll get through OK) and just all that in general. Going back to school after a two-year break. I'm anticipating getting back into the learning environment. I have missed it. It's going to kick my bottom, hard, and really show me what I have been missing.

But I'm looking forward to it. Wholeheartedly. Maybe it means I will have less of a social life than I have already (though I do have a marked improvement in the last few weeks) but you know what, at least I'll be learning again. And I'll be home. Even if I will be perennially stuck behind law books and running back and forth between school and home and if I don't get to see the people I love every second of every day...at least I'll be nearer to them than I am now.

I will miss the working life and the freedom it holds but I want to move on to the next phase of what life is going to dole out to me. Hopefully it won't be too much of rude awakening, hehe.

OK, off to bed. I dunno why I picked the LoM icon for this, but for some reason it works. Maybe 'cos Gene Hunt would give anyone a rude awakening. LOL.

OH and before I go...The Office season finale made me cry. I loved it.

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I feel bad, because I think I've maybe scared you too much about school. But it's probably better you go in thinking it's going to be way hard, and find out that it's not, than to go in thinking it's going to be a piece of cake and get that Gene Hunt-style rude awakening, lol! ;)

Still not caught up on The Office. So thanks for the spoiler-free review. See you in the Big D soon! :D


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